About Us?

Yidnek Media is licensed to operate by the Ethiopian trade and industry registered under the tax identification number 0002948321. Our company Yidnek Media is founded in 2005 in Ethiopia. Delivering problem solving, innovative communication and multimedia solutions for both local and international customers is what we long for;

We give service on audio-visual production from preproduction-post production, such us news coverage, documentaries, corporate video, feature stories, entertainment and TV productions.

Why Yidnek?

  • We always deliver quality!
  • On time delivery is our brand!
  • We are capable to work in any level of professionalism.
  • We always look forward to employing innovative and creative touch towards every work we undertake.

What do we do?

Having all details about an organization, we form strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public. We establish and maintain relationships with an organization’s target audience, the media, relevant trade media, and other opinion leaders.


We always strive to provide a wider range of communication and multi- media solutions with a very reasonable price for both local and international markets.



Our vision is to be the lead communication and multi- media solutions provider in the country Ethiopia as well as in east Africa.